Meet Terri Staten

Terri Staten, Founder

A regionally recognized education consultant, author, holistic health practitioner, and organic product brand ambassador, Terri Staten equips her clients with the tools to live transformed, healthy lives. Terri founded and presently facilitates Soyini Circles Girls Corporation, an organization catered to the personal development of school-age girls, through her STEM and self-esteem curricula. Just as she encourages her mentees to find their voice and utilize their creative expression, Terri is also a writer, poet and author. Her notable works include: Personal Notes of Poetry: Pain is Pink. Furthermore, Terri practices and teaches holistic and herbal healing, and currently partners with Sunwarrior Organics, as a brand ambassador.


Terri Staten's business ventures, partnerships, and personal lifestyle changes have culminated into an expanded lifestyle change agency, with services ranging from curriculum development, entrepreneurship idea consulting, herbal regiment development, and one-on-one life transformation courses.

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